Sidhartha (sidhartha) wrote,

Long Time

1. I've been a recluse and focusing on my innerself and family. Sorry to all my friends.

2. I am trying to become a loving brother to my older sister Sheuli, we haven't been "friends" for over 12 years. She is now a mom, and I am an uncle...times change.

3. I lost 4 really good frineds in New York, One of them was a person that I met at a random lolapalooza concert. When i met him, he was a punker who flirted with my girlfriend. Since that day, he an I have been like two lost souls, randomly finding eachother...we both ended up at Vanderbilt University (yeah, NEVER judge a book by its cover), we hardly hung out....after college he went off to Boston, I went back to Cleveland. We met again at a Haloween Party in Mass, friends as always, I met his amazing wife, and his new born boy (Damien Reid), Without even knowing it, we both were working for the same firm...Morgan Stanley. He was transfered to new york early last year, worked on floor 32 of tower 2. Without really knowing it, he was a great friend.

4. I was in New York, but nowhere near the towers.

5. I realize that I really miss Veronica. She has always been a close friend...blood. And lately neither of us has tried to hold on to the other too hard...times change. But she was the best friend I ever had...she always kept me tough, and kept me focused on the important's hard to focus on important things without her.

6.My work is good...and I am meeting new people. One of whom, has me really active and excited. We went back to newyork to volunteer. We went to Chicago (just because for me, she had to work).

7. I've been writing everyday and want to share it with some people: Veronica, Amy, Suji, Sal, Darin, Lala, and others...will get around to it.

8. When silent, I think I am only 17....its cool to realize that I am 2...time really does fly.
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