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sidhartha's Journal

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11 November
I don't know. I woke up this morning (4/24/2002) and realized that I don't know myself. And anything that I wrote about myself may not be true. I have a few true friends in my life. Three of them are on Live Journal. Go figure.
(10/8/2002) Still exploring added a new friend.
(5/25/2003) I am back, so much has happened, as with all things, I have changed...It is one month and one day past the start of this bio.(10/23/03) I am in love and that is awesome.
(3/11/05) I am still in love with the same girl, still think it's awesome. (2/7/06) Lost the girl, been through 2 more since, working on rebuilding friendships, life is amazing, so is God...God's pretty darn cool, other than that, just older...

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